7 Months of Septimus: Darke

October 11, 2015

UPDATE: Where I’ve Been & Future Plans

October 11, 2015

7 Months of Septimus Heap: Fyre

October 11, 2015
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7 Months of Septimus Heap: FyreFyre: Septimus Heap by Angie Sage
Also by this author: PathFinder
on April 16th, 2013
Format: Hardcover
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In this spellbinding finale to an epic series, Septimus Heap must decide once and for all where his heart lies – with Magyk or with Alchemie and Physik. When, at last, Marcia agrees to allow the recently reinstated Castle Alchemist, Marcellus Pye, to open the Great Chamber of Alchemie and Physik, she fears she is unleashing more than she understands. But Marcia must learn to trust Marcellus, and together they must rid the Castle of the evil Two-Faced Ring. Caught between the two, will Septimus be able to bring both sides together?

Welcome back to the world of Septimus Heap! It’s the final post of the 7 Month series. I hope you are all excited for SandRider this month, and that you’ve enjoyed the journey Angie Sage helped me put together for you.

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Angie Sage’s Final Thoughts on Septimus Heap and Fyre:

Fyre, the last book in the main Septimus series—and Magykal seventh book—gave me a lot to think about.  There were so many characters I wanted to weave into the story and a whole list of events (not least Simon and Lucy getting married) that had to happen. And most of all, I wanted us all to understand more about the history of the Castle.

In order to embark upon this last, long Septimus Journey I re-read the previous books and immersed myself in all the strange happenings—some of which, I have to admit, I had forgotten. I know it seems weird to forget what you’ve written but believe me, it happens.

And as I read and thought about the Septimus world I began to realise something strange: I knew stuff that I didn’t know I knew. Confused? Ok, let me try to explain…

Over all seven books there were things I put into the story that I just felt had to be there although I had no idea why. Later I discovered there was a good reason for each one, but at the time of writing I was unaware of it. Most were just little things, but it was spooky all the same. Here are a few:

Marcellus Pye’s hairstyle

When I came to describe Marcellus Pye, Alchemist and Physician, I could not get the strangest image of him with a pudding bowl haircut out of my head. I always write what I see, so that was how I described him. Later, on reading the Patrick O’Brian Master and Commander series, I discovered that in the 18th Century physicians always wore a wig in exactly this style.

Spit Fyre’s love of bones

As Spit Fyre grew up, I was surprised to find he had a taste for eating bones, but I went along with it and provided him with a whole flock of dead sheep to chew. After all, one doesn’t argue with a hungry dragon. It turns out that there is a reason for this. According to my resident scientist, if Spit Fyre swallowed the bones down into his Fyre stomach, the phosphate in the bones will produce a gas called Phosphine. And guess what—phosphine ignites on contact with air. So there you have it: Dragon fire explained.

Sir Hereward

Is the one-armed ghostly knight who guards Jenna in her palace and is gallantly protective of her. I later discovered later that Hereward the Wake (an old English hero) was considered to have been a protector of women.

The Aie-Aie

Is Queen Etheldredda’s particularly nasty pet. After I wrote this I discovered that there actually is a creature called an aye-aye and it (apart from havig more than one tooth) it looks identical to Etheldredda’s Aie-Aie. An aye-aye is a small lemur and is actually quite cute.

There are many other things I wrote about without realising their significance at the time: lapis lazuli, the Hermetic Chamber and some of the hieroglyphs, to name but a few.

But I guess that’s the art of writing – creating new worlds from all the weird odds and ends that inhabit our heads, (many of which we never knew lived there).

Throughout my time spent writing Septimus Heap I felt like an explorer travelling through a wonderful world making strange discoveries at every turn. And I hope that’s what everyone who reads the books feels too. It’s been a fantastic journey and I suspect it’s not over yet…


My Final Thoughts:

Thank you so much for joining me all of these months. I really hope that you have fallen in love with the Septimus Heap world just like I did three years ago. These posts were extremely fun to put together and I hope that they gave you more insight into the Septimus Heap world and brightened your months!

Remember, you are Magyk.

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